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In 2017, the famous Swiss Omega watchmaker Omega has launched a new version of the Iron Fighter with a coaxial move. With high cost performance and stylish retro, was recognized by many watchers. This watch is also cheap replica watches the first brand of fame back to the 2007, 2008 gradually sharp production of iron tyrants. As a successor, it maintains a lot of iron beside the horizontal design of the traditional hegemony, including the retro crosshairs between-shape disc, lollipop rolex replica watches second hand, and bringing 15,000 Gauss magnetic shielding coaxial movement to fullness, thus classic combined with modern technology design. Below, we come to understand together:

In 1957, Omega released the first Iron Fighter (CK 2914), which was originally designed for workers in the railway and other professional workers suffering from magnetic fields. Will stand up to 1000 Gauss magnetic field, much cheap replica watches more than the anti-magnetic level of other watches of time, in order to get a more accurate timing for the carrier. Railmaster 2017 edition rolex replica watches goes this feature, although there is no soft magnetic shell, but with coaxial 8806 can stand up to 15,000 Gauss magnetic field to the movement of the Observatory of Completeness, the reproduction of the classic and subtracted representative function.

The look is not Fancy, as cheap replica watches always, seemingly simple design, full of quality. The RVS case of 40mm is frosted to reduce the impact of accidental jaws on the appearance of the watch.

Steel crown on the side of the cheap replica watches engraved with the brand LOGO model “Ω” on it, with the charm of the exclusive Omega. The unique non-slip design lends the crown first hand and facilitates the debugging effect.

Vertical matt black dial, minute circle “orbital” in triangulation with synchronization pin three central echoes, so the designation of cheap replica watches time is more intuitive. The integration of Super-LumiNova light coat will allow the watch to be clearly presented to the night, which is very convenient. The central seal is a symbol of the rolex replica watches right crosshairs and the logo “Railmaster” classic beige is printed below, with classic retro and unique beauty.

The backlight with corrugated cheap replica watches edge design, unique Naiad lock technology brand, in order to ensure that the back table is engraved with words and neat elegance, relief with the famous badge Omega Hippocampus, beautiful and full representation. 8806 extra coaxial steroids move alongside the anti-magnetic rolex replica watches technology, but also the approval of the Federal Institute of Metrology (Metas) standard industry certification, looks great.

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