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Two months before the International Women’s Watch Salon (SIHH) in 2018, Cartier took the lead in introducing the new “Rotonda de Cartier” “Mystery Day and Night”. The trademark uses clocks that represent two rolex replica watches historically complex features: mysterious movement and day and night views. Both advanced features are an cheap replica watches important part of Cartier’s inheritance production since 1912. On the one hand, the unusual movement is developed and produced by the mysterious clock of pattern A, on the other hand, day and night display is an integral part of the planetary clock.

International University senior medical assistant in Geneva in 2018 Cartier introduced the first of these two cheap replica watches complex functions of world time. At the top of the sundial (index) it is guided by a mysterious movement and moves from left to reach the moon (pointer). Sun (pointer) and monthly (index) denote day and night. At the bottom rolex replica watches of the dial, minutes are signaled by a directional signal. Radiant layer and matt dyes further emphasize ground visual reading.

The case is made of 18k gold pink color and has a diameter of 40mm. Equipped with manual hand Caliber 9982 MC hand made, this movement is composed of 174 parts, 26 jewels and full 48 hours power reserve. Blue crocodile leather strap with zipper with 18k gold pink gold. Turn the clock, appreciate rolex replica watches the sophisticated movement movement, and day and night display forwards and backwards. The Mysterious Daytime Display The Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Gold Watch shows a gold and unlimited distribution, while providing the models with a 18K White Gold Model. It is reported that the price of pink cheap replica watches gold is $ 63,000.

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