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In 2009, Patek Philippe completed a 122-year partnership with Geneva Seal. At that time, the Geneva seal included only the origin and replica watches uk retouching technique, it was a bit dated. Patek Philippe, to pursue the pending requirements and continuous development of the watch industry, we have a unique brand. In 2012, Geneva Seal also became more stringent, in the spirit of the times, has reached a new era. So the problem comes, what’s better?

Geneva seal

Geneva Seal manufactures watches in Geneva and requires them to meet strict replica watches retouching standards. The base material, bridge, jewelry, screw, wheel-train is removed from work, is nice retouching, it must be something pleasant.

At present, Geneva Seals also require functional tests. Test all clock functions to function properly. replica watches uk Please confirm that the calendar is a normal challenge, three times the normal time that the timing was normally started, stopped and reset.

Water resistance should also be considered. Geneva watch watches must pass at least three bar tests. In terms of accuracy, the clock error should not exceed 1 minute after 7 days. The power reserve is also tested to ensure that guaranteed minimum values ​​are met.

Patek Philippe print

Patek marked another dial, pointer, ears raw button (metal rod for a fastening strap attachment), not only includes the case of the individual components required to meet with the authentication upgrade, strict specifications to a new level, cover the move. The edge of the plate and bridge must be mirror-polished. The Geneva side of replica watches uk the bridge is visible, the interior is a round grain. Patek Philippe has also set up a special print and review committee to ensure that all watch models are strictly enforced.

Like the Geneva Seal, the Patek Philippe seal also requires verification of the function of the finished watch. After the housing is assembled with the movement, the entire table speed is tested. After 24 hours, the movement error of the diameter can not exceed 20 mm sec -3 / + 2, the replica watches movement errors of the diameter of less than 20 mm do not exceed -5 / + 4 sec, to the movement of the tourbillon The error may be -2 / Do not exceed 1 second.

Patek Philippe Seal is not specifically mentioned on the water and power reserve, there is no doubt that the accuracy and reliability of all the watch are being tested.

Patek Philipp Seal also covers material standards and all alloys and jewels used must be of the highest quality, without compromise. Every diamond has to fulfill the perfect Top Wesselton criteria.

To avoid scratches, the case should have no sharp edges or replica watches protruding stones.

The most important aspect of certification is reliability. All circumstances must under no circumstances compromise, all retouching must comply with this basic principle.


In fact, the replica watches uk standards of Geneva’s seals have been more rigorously revised in line with the spirit of modern watchmaking. Of course, Patek Philipp Seal is also excellent in the near future.

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