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2015 luxury watch brand Patek Philippe Calatrava in Switzerland, as the brand’s first modern aviator watch, Calatrava, the second of the only series that has a date display of the time zone and local, watching astronauts cheap replica watches travel time since its launch, which feature the ref.5524 led the sporty style of the watch, which has attracted attention, it has become a companion of the rolex replica watches ideal wrist for business travelers. In 2018, Patek Philippe shows a black-gradient effect seeking new Calatrava Travel two aviators for the time being, a brown dial, an increase in the means of gold. Patek Philippe traditional cheap replica watches clock, a unique watch dedicated to debut. Below you will understand together.

Tool sense + luxury, luxury

One of the unique brand of traditional functions, from the birth of Patek Philippe, look at the time zone that the patent cheap replica watches has acquired, once it is possible to adapt the dual function of the time zone, innovation, time It has become a pioneer of the zone table. Now we are in re of the patent in 1996, the concept is to further complete it, to enhance the original double the time zone of the device, has a 175-year history of Patek Philippe that ‘respect tradition and innovation rolex replica watches too create “will be preserved. Pressing two buttons incorporated in the watch case, the hour hand, the distance means and drive, when you make a display local time in hours to go forward or backward to the time zone cheap replica watches capable of, separation train, unprecedented mechanical operating feeling. New money of the decoration of the rose gold case of not only maintain the original sense of style style, gives a separate luxury and classic beauty to see.

Unique design makes operation easy

In tuning simplicity second time zone display function, only two tuning device is pressed on the left side of the outer edge of the housing, the local time would fluorescence time in a clockwise rotation of time units (8 bits of the press) cheap replica watches or counterclockwise rotation (press the Device at 10), the movement accuracy of the clock, does not give a quick effect more convenient. (If the origin of life, the hollow needle can overlap with the hour hand), which also has two time zones mentioned rolex replica watches that in order to prevent local time accidental dysregulation, patent lock button is equipped It worth.

First ladies’ pilot’s watch

In addition, the new Calatrava travel time astronauts, see a small case diameter of the larger 37.5 mm for women’s men’s model cheap replica watches (7234R-001), but it has to travel time, how to start astronauts I observe this style The size of the atmosphere is enough to make the clock more attractive. Women who love aviator style, please enjoy their amazing charm.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Flight Home Travel time

Summary: Brown Wristband Brown Gradient cheap replica watches choice is retro, luxurious quality, the function performed in full, and a masculine charm new Calatrava Travel Time watch Aviator is, white gold style of the original navy blue rolex replica watches Consolidation of the slices The integration of the design results in a brighter Feeling.

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