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The Basel Watch Fair this year was very much awaited Patek Philippe launched a total of five new series of replica watches, the Nautilus series (sports series) calendar of matches, moon complex operations, aroused heated discussion. What is the shocking new job Patek Philippe will get for the Baselworld show?

Patek Philippe presents the first ever nautical calendar of Nautilus

The Nautilus Patek Philippe series has an unacceptable position in the field of casual and elegant replica watches. The Nautilus series was born in 1976. Eight legs are made from the illuminator and are unique. The same blue, stunning pattern as the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus series in 2016. The symbol of this watch is the dimensions inspired by the porthole. Motion added a number of complexes, including calendar function moon phase, caliber 240, using well-known thin self-winding motion, automatic plates embedded gold 22K small modular calendar and very thin, only 8.32 mm thick Shell table watertight depth 60 meters. Some major brands have decided to add complications this year in the production of sports goods. This is general policy. However, some people still wait and see the attitude, thinking that simple views should not be too complicated to maintain a basic design. What opinion do you think?

Coquettish “grenade” – watch from the Aquanaut series

Last year, the Patek Philippe Aqua Taurus series and all the anniversary, Patek Philippe brings a lot of heavy replica watches, so this year can not be a big step, Patek Philippe’s results surprisingly, the introduction of the extremely “coquettish” works – 5968A- 001. Aqua naut up in 1997 it was a hit. It’s such a young and surprising design. Elegant octagonal casing inspired by Nautilus. The unique “Tropical” strap is based on a new composite material that is durable and resistant to sleep erosion and UV radiation.

Perfectly satisfied Golden Ellipse watch

After launching the 2008 Golden Ellipse 40 Anniversary Edition LP wake Patek Philippe launched this year, he has grown gold models large size replica watches(34 x 39.5 mm) and re-interpretation of the classic design, see Patek how to interpret elegance. The ring is made of hand-sewn, light-brown crocodile skin, which is a unique style of the viewer. The gold scoop reflects the symbolic look of the case. Like the other Golden Ellipse replica watches, the belt strap is beautifully hidden under the sides of the case. This series has been released for 50 years and its distinctive style has never been ignored.

Four folded watches from the active series

The “composite function” in the table refers to a mechanical clock except for displaying time and simple date display. Patek Philippe has always followed the tradition of complex replica watches, focusing on everyday practical functions. It offers complex functions such as an annual calendar, a dual time zone and time in the world. Patek Philippe is proud that he has unparalleled knowledge in this field, but he is also interested in doing this maximum of a work of art. The above tables show Patek Philippe has launched a total of four models with complex viewing functions that included this calendar, moon phases ref.5205,5524R function-001,7234R 001 and 7150 / 250R-001.

The most advanced watchmaker process is the ultimate test of watchmakers and craftsmen.

Patek Philippe is proficient in production technology for various complex tasks and has managed to produce the two most complex portable times in the world in the 20th century. Each club is the crystallization of complicated craftsmanship of watchmakers from several generations. It is an immortal masterpiece of art. The most important of these is the Ref. Preview of the 5531R minute controller that can be announced locally anywhere in the world. Groundbreaking innovation Ref. 5531 World Time watch three Repeater devices, but unlike the second timing record, Herald local time device instead of placing your beginnings, and just press the button, you can easily set the desired zone. However, the 5531R gained a lot of attention. Bracelet 5270 / 1R-001 with a rose gold plated bracelet also gained friends who expressed a lot of interest.

Summary: For Patek Philippe, each new version is a new challenge for the classics. Trademarks that have already taken a high position require more energy and effort to give consumers more freshness on the market.

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