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Rolex’s Deep Dive was introduced in 2008 for the first time. Ten years later, in 2018, at the international watch and jewelery fair in Basel, Rolex has launched a new timepiece watch. The new watch is replica watches similar to its predecessor, but has been greatly upgraded: the 3235 movement. This movement, also offering a power reserve of the impressive 70 hours, applying a range of new, patented technology, the kind of diving, we have the determination and Strength of the border of the Rolex continue to push continued I just have not seen it.

Deep replica watches uk diving, submarine, ship type, has attracted many loyal fans in the collectors and enthusiastic group. Comes to deep diving, the first impression of many people, that is too big to wear is a bad size. In fact, deep diving is like a monster, but there are good reasons. The Deep Dive Watch has an impressive waterproofness of 3,900 meters, replica watches withstands extreme loads in harsh environments.

First oceanic clock from 1967

Sea type was introduced in 1967 and launched under the name of a tool list specially developed for pro-divers. First, in the ocean type of execution, which can withstand a depth of 610 meters, Rolex is equipped with a drain valve, which was developed jointly. In 1978, replica watches uk the depth of the seal was increased to 1,220 meters. Since then, the sea has always maintained a watertight crown until the birth of the Deep Dive Type in 2008. Submersible has a dependency impression water capacity clearly Ringlock system includes a crystal fall Sapphire three partial recidivism and internal components.

Rolex Diver Watch, 2008

3 tons of water pressure

The thickness of the blue crystal mirror of the diver’s watch is 5.5 mm. Compared with the mirror of the water meter, the deep mirror dive watch is heavy, but you will have to withstand the pressure, which is up to three tons of water. Mirror defects and deep scratches can cause the waterproof test to replica watches fail. In this case, the only solution is to replace a completely new, undamaged mirror.

Between the mirror and the bottom cover, a steel compression ring is sandwiched. This helps the case withstand the enormous pressure exerted on deep water. Many watches are equipped with an inner ring that is in motion. With deep diver’s watches, the structural effect of the inner ring of the housing helps to reduce the pressure on the housing. The inner replica watches ring itself has high corrosion resistance and is made of nitrogen-containing steel, which is stronger than carbon-rich steel. The presence of the inner ring of the housing loads the mirror and the lower cover.

Do normal PADI divers need a waterproof watch to a depth of 3,900 meters? A little bit. In fact, Rolex has no replica watches uk reason to give the ordinary consumer deep insights, but with such efforts fans really feel happy.

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