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Rolex should be the brand’s most popular brand for customers. Basically, all categories have many guaranteed fans. Then for the buyer, if the first wrist looks at Rolex watch, which of them should be chosen? Today we look at what styles are the most popular things in 2017.

Rolex Snorkeler “Black Water Ghost”

Follow comments: 2017 Rolex looks at the largest number of Rolex watches. Includes 40mm 904L case made of stainless steel and bracelet, black dial and rotary cartridge. Black ceramic, classic choice design, 3 hours. Location with date window. Features classic Rolex 3135 motion, although the movement was launched in 3235, but in 2017, but expanded the model, as when they could spread to the top of the submarine row is uncertain, but still can not stop the tablet Friends Love ‘Black Water Spirit’.

Rolex Snorkeler Watch “Green Water Ghost”

See note: Location elsewhere is Rolex Submariner’s “Green Water Ghost” watch and its rating is required by this year, so this table has a premium pre-official award. In the same mode as the black water, the green dial and the green frame increase the fashion of these watches to a certain extent. I personally do not recommend buying these watches because now more than a bonus, saying that Baselworld will be replaced by new moves this year.

Rolex Greenwich Type II “Pepsi” watch

Clocks comments: Greenwich’s “Pepsis” watch, watchers are also popular watch, with black and blue two tone frames is also called roommate “Pepsis.” Regarding functionality, Greenwich is probably better for travelers who travel frequently, can display time in the second time zone, but it can also show the third time zone clock rotation frame. The self-propelled Rolex 3186 is equipped with Parachrome weather, which effectively prevents exposure to impact or heat changes. The design is the same as for all wheelbarrows with unmatched reliability.

In summary, these three are the three most popular Rolex watches purchased by Rolex brand in 2017. Personally, I do not recommend watching watch “Green Water Spirit.” Much security is just a short phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs because Rolex reduces the view of steel products this year. Actual state is, how big is the production of steel rolex watches, nobody knows clearly and no reports of reduction in production is not.

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