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By 2016, the Panerai Luminor Due series was launched and its design was inspired by the Luminor series in 1950. With a thin layer of matter, the series shows the elegance of a modern clock. This 42 mm 3 gold red power reserve watch the dial control numerous ancient Panerai watch classic design, style, plain and simple, ivory white and blue digital tangible contrast, giving a unique perspective on the experience of the table. Let’s look together:

Lighter and connected

LUMINOR DUE LUMINOR DUE LARGE Feature is thin. Panerai has always been a high table diameter pillow-shaped construction holder is known, that many relatively slender wrist men and women are excessively high. The birth of this series has made Panerai more accessible and manageable. Meanwhile, Luminor watch-based 1950 series, preserves the energy of growing sports.

The clocks are made of 42 mm and the red gold pillow casing is polished to show full colors and smooth lines and is very beautiful.

And thanks to special watches, take your ears together to show a generally smooth, elegant look and joy.

Reserved brand design patents for the crown and also has a brand-name charm, but also be able to ensure the safety of the Crown and inside the shift.

Non-sandwich options, after a variety of antique Panerai watch classic designs, gold-plated hands and dot 24-hour mark with unusually light paint, but also being able to accurately keep track of time even in a dark environment. At 9 o’clock it was small and another was even more impressive between ivory and blue arabic numbers.

Attached holes P.1000 / 10 to go through the structure of the back cover can be seen through the matte king bridge covering most surface movement and our barrel offers two three-day power reserve, and the remainder under deck Balance, do not have much fun . In addition, the movement of the device can be set to stop the engine of the motorcycle and do the one hand on zero, so the watch can be fully synchronized with the reference clock signal.

Watch with light blue crocodile strap and natural cracking blue decorative stitching, fine, timely and closely tied to any wrist.

Hang 18K red golden pin covered with the Panerai English mark to reflect the red gold. The needle is slightly larger than the button hole, which makes the look steady and safer.

Panerai LUMINOR DUE series 3 days red gold shades

Summary: This watch is world-wide 300 for showcasing the dot with a unique serial number to track the unique show of noble position of the wearer.

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