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Hundred years ago, Rolex watches estimated more each generation, the reason for leaving, because not only has the content value, but also has a broad significance. Whether a legacy reaching a milestone on the road or a gift, there is always a good Rolex watch, perfectly representing an amazing moment in the life of all the voyages. Favorite sports person who is due to Rolex is committed to providing support to pursue excellence in sports performance, the desire for adventure people also because of Rolex’s convinced adventure explore the innate potential of men to overcome psychological limitations to continue to contribute to the community and in the interests of the world both for hobbies as art and culture, Rolex not only mentioned to the support of the arts elite play our strength is pursuit of perfection, has also launched an elegant design known by the series Cellini Cellini, available for choice to wear.

In 2014, a series of Rolex Cellini when three new products, ie. Cellini Time, Cellini Date and Cellini Double Time, and 18ct White Gold, 18ct Carat and 18ct Gold Gold Forever Rose Gold or Silver Material With Black Face Disc, and More Ray Pattern There are up to 12 combinations available. From the Italian Renaissance era recognized artists, goldsmiths and sculptors Benvenuto Cellini inspired by the Vatican composed of Rolex Cellini, on the one hand, to return to classic roots on the other side with modern technology to re-interpret their nature, very perfect consistency.

Cellini Rolex Cellini Moon Phase Made of Moon Phase Watch 50535.18ct Eternal Rose Gold Case, Case Diameter 39mm, White Lacquered Dial, Enamel Blue Moon Phase Disk Rhodium Meteorite Month, Printing Silver Crescent and Star, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, and Growing declining, 3195 Rolex self-winding motion, breathable blue Parachrom spring end Rolex ring Paraflex high performance humidity device, power storage 48 hours, COSC certification, Brown crocodile leather strap.

This year is the Rolex Cellini series new model – Watch Cellini Moonphase Cheliney Moon Phases. Wristwatch six hours disk surface with moon disk blue glass, coral crescent on a typical circular produce more meteorites of the moon from space, it is an elegant technique, although both excellent poetry feelings.

Cellini moonphase also display data on the outer surface of the central indicator central indicator at the end of the crescent.

The name is derived from the renaissance of Renaissance and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini Rolex Cellini Cellini series conception underlines the modern spirit of traditional clock classic style and classy elegance. For this reason, the distribution of objects and fine watches with simple lines, space and light and shadow, are in modern monumental architecture. The magnifier case 39 mm in diameter circular design classic, traditional rolex brand logo logo double curved outer cover outer circle and triangular cutter, precise and polished with changed shape of the scrub, is unique. Screw back shape The outer edges are decorated with Rolex grooved triangular, circular shape and mining, tribute to the original traditional screwdriver with the same crown, slightly expanding, rolex crown logo, shape and the same elegant and refined.

Blue Moon Phase Watch Cellini Moonphase is located at 6 o’clock, showing full moon and new moon. The whole of the month represents the circular rock. A new moon is represented by a silver ring. According to the monthly observation period, the moon phase appears under the tongue phase at kl. 12.

The case of the new Cellini Moonphase watch is made of 18ct forever pink gold with white varnish. In addition to the eternal 18 karat pink gold distribution of external and central one hand, another end having a pointer on a crescent-shaped faceplate medium external data. The prominent surface-focused blue enamel natural six hours low moon stage disk bezel that has a print of astrology and representatives of colorful coral moon and places from space, meteorites falling on the ground (meteorite) production, applied rhodium how realistic and super, silverlit texture more can be say that each one is unique. According to the turnaround, the moon marks the month cycle, the moon phase moon phase disc to be in the 12 o’clock position on the screen, which is patented to ensure accuracy of astronomical to 122 years.

Cellini Rolex Cellini Moon Phase Moon Phase watch blue glossy moon phase disk in the circular signs moon meteorite meteorite actual production, this collection is equivalent to collecting clocks gift from space.

As with all other Rolex watches Cellini won the moonphase type of moon phase watches Rolex Cellini in 2015 put on top of the Observatory certification, testing for post-installation if a daily error plus or minus two seconds is more than twice as accurate than traditional chronometer certification. This was traced with 3195 Rolex self-winding mechanical motion, not only equipped with breathtaking blue Gossamer Parachrom end Rolex ring and high-performance Paraflex pad device, but also through a series of Rolex laboratory tests, precision, power reserve, water and various self-winding factors, can play maximum power, for traditional and clockwise.

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